Test cases

Test cases

The test cases listed below should give you an idea of our expectations of your software integration.
Ideally your integration will have undergone rigorous internal testing prior to validation with SEEK. You should be able to demonstrate the applicable test cases to show that your integration has been built correctly and in a manner that adds value to SEEK hirers.

Job Posting

  1. Position profile
    Demonstrate the ability to create a position profile within a position opening with all optional and required fields.
  2. Ad selection
    Demonstrate the ability for a hirer to select from all SEEK ad types in your job posting flow (Classic, StandOut, Premium).
  3. Job categories
    Demonstrate the ability to suggest categories based on job title, position location & job description, or to select a job category from a list.
  4. Locations
    Demonstrate the ability to select a location from one of:
  5. Questionnaires
    Demonstrate the ability to create screening questions with each supported question type and include them when posting a job.
  6. Branding
    Demonstrate the ability to select from all available brands for a hirer when posting a StandOut or Premium Ad.
  7. Updating a live job ad
    Demonstrate the ability to update an active position profile (e.g. change the content of any optional or required fields).
  8. Closing a live job ad
    Demonstrate the ability to close an active position profile and have it expire successfully from SEEK.
  9. Confirmation and error messages
    Display a confirmation page when a position profile has been successfully posted or updated with a link to the live ad on SEEK (positionUri).
    Display clear error messaging when a position profile has not been successfully posted, updated or expired.

Application Export

Demonstrate candidate applications listed against a position opening.
  1. Candidate profiles
    Display a candidate’s employment history, education, licences & certifications, and competencies alongside their application data.
  2. Attachments
    Demonstrate the ability to open a candidate’s resume, cover letter and selection criteria documents attached to an application.
  3. Questionnaire submissions
    Display the candidate’s screening question submission alongside their application data.