Managing job ads

Managing job ads

Job ads are represented in the SEEK API by PositionProfile objects. The position’s profile consists of:

Job ad lifecycle

You can post a job ad by passing PositionProfile data to one of the posting mutations. This starts an asynchronous process to place a live job ad on the SEEK job board. Posting typically takes less than a minute after which a PositionProfilePosted event will be emitted.
The job ad will automatically close on its scheduled end date . Scheduled closure is not instantaneous, and typically occurs within 24 hours. You can also explicitly close it earlier using the closePostedPositionProfile mutation . Once the job ad is closed it will be removed from the SEEK job board and a PositionProfileClosed event will be emitted.
SEEK job ads are priced for a fixed time period of 30 days. You can close a job ad earlier but the SEEK hirer will still be charged full price.
The PositionProfile object and its associated candidate applications will remain for 180 days after its close date. Your software must store any data it needs to access after the 180 day period.

Before you begin

Before you can start with job posting queries and mutations, you will need to request a partner token.


You can interact with PositionProfile objects by: