The SEEK API provides access to SEEK’s employment marketplace. This documentation is targeted at developers integrating their recruitment software with SEEK.

Use cases

The SEEK API provides a unified way to access a shared set of HR-related objects. While there is a single SEEK API, there are a number of ways to use the API to accomplish specific goals:
As the SEEK API gains more functionality it will add new objects and fields to its existing schema. This lets you leverage your existing development effort and knowledge to access future SEEK features.


The SEEK API leverages existing industry standards whenever possible. The core of the API is built on:
  • OAuth 2.0 for authenticating our integration partners to SEEK.
  • GraphQL for exposing our graph of positions , candidates and other business objects.
    GraphQL allows you to query and join SEEK’s objects together in whatever way best suits your software. It also gives SEEK insight into how its API is being used and which fields our partners are interested in.
  • HR Open standards as the basis of our GraphQL schema.
    Your software may already be using an existing HR Open standard such as HR-XML or HR-JSON. HR Open provides us with common, neutral terminology for concepts in the recruitment software space.
  • Webhooks to inform our partners of events that occur on SEEK.

Multi-market support

While the SEEK API currently only exposes the SEEK Australia & New Zealand marketplace, it’s extensible to other markets within the SEEK Group . You will be able to extend your integration to new markets as they become available in the SEEK API.