Exporting attachments

Exporting attachments

Partners can download attachment files associated with a particular candidate application.

Before you begin

Before you start with attachment queries, you will need to request a partner token.


Use the GraphQL candidateProfile query to list candidate application attachments. You should combine this with the query you use to retrieve candidate profiles and questionnaire submissions.


query($id: String!) {
  candidateProfile(id: $id) {
    attachments {

Downloading attachment files

Because GraphQL does not efficiently support binary data, the attachment itself is provided over HTTPS. Each attachment has a unique download URL provided in the url field of the GraphQL response.
Your software can download attachments on demand or at time of candidate application.

On demand

You can download each attachment on demand when requested by a hirer reviewing the candidate application. This avoids having to store large and potentially sensitive documents within your software.
The attachment can be downloaded directly from the hirer’s browser using a browser token with the download:candidate-profile-attachments scope. The SEEK API will automatically validate that the hirer is allowed to access the requested attachment.
Otherwise, you can proxy the download through your server using a partner token. Your software will need to validate that the user is allowed to access requested attachment.

At time of candidate application

If on-demand downloads aren’t feasible, you can download attachments when you receive a CandidateApplicationCreated event. This would be needed if your software performed resume parsing on incoming candidate applications, for example.
This can reuse the same partner token you used to query the candidate application from GraphQL.


SEEK processes attachments to reduce the risk to hirers reviewing candidate applications:
  • Attachments are scanned for viruses before the candidate application is made visible to partners. Any files containing viruses are removed from the candidate application.
  • Attachments may be modified to remove dangerous content such as macros or phishing links.
The precise details of SEEK’s attachment processing are proprietary and subject to change. SEEK continuously improves its processes in response to new threats.
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