Ad selection

Ad selection

The SEEK API provides access to our full ad product suite:
  • Classic
  • StandOut
  • Premium
By integrating ad selection into your posting flow, hirers will be able to:
  • Select an ad product based on their contractual arrangement with SEEK.
  • View prices in real time for each ad product (prices are impacted by the position title, job category & location). Refer to variable pricing for further information.
  • Understand how they will pay for each ad posted.
The StandOut and Premium ad products allow a branding to be associated with the job ad.

Using ad selection

Option 1: GraphQL

Available ad products can be programmatically retrieved by your backend during advertisement creation and modification. This allows you to built your own custom user interface for ad selection.
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Option 2: Ad Selection panel

SEEK offers a themeable Ad Selection panel that you can embed into your posting flow:
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Use cases
Ad selection
Ad selection