Proactive Sourcing

Proactive Sourcing

This use case corresponds to the Talent Search Connect and Talent Search Custom products. You can find more information and request an integration on this product page .
SEEK Talent Search enables hirers to proactively search for and connect with suitable candidates. It’s powered by over 10 million SEEK Profiles across Australia and New Zealand.
Talent Search Connect and Talent Search Custom integrate SEEK Talent Search with candidate management systems to address some of the efficiency bottlenecks hirers experience with segregated proactive sourcing and candidate management workflows.
The SEEK API supports a number of features to enable a more seamless experience for hirers:
  • Widgets prompt hirers to consider proactive sourcing activities in the context of their candidate management workflow.
  • Candidate details and their past interaction history with the hirer can be uploaded and kept in sync, enabling hirers to determine at a glance if they have an existing relationship with the candidate. Hirers are able to view their previous interactions with the candidate when viewing a profile in Talent Search, reducing time spent cross-referencing candidate information with your software.
  • Unposted positions allow your software to upload positions your hirers are actively recruiting for. This position information is presented to the hirer when they are purchasing SEEK candidate profiles to allow them to select which position opening the purchase should be associated with.
  • When a hirer purchases a candidate’s profile within Talent Search, it is made available for export directly into a position in your software, reducing the amount of manual handling of candidate information required by the hirer.
All SEEK API operations for the Proactive Sourcing use case require use of a partner token.

Interaction diagrams

Sharing candidates

Sharing unposted positions

Exporting purchased profiles